Georges-Louis Bouchez is more conservative than liberal, according to Vincent Van Quickenborne: “He barks while we act”

“He barks while we act. There is a chasm like the Grand Canyon between his words and his deeds. He is against gas power plants, but Wallonia has never authorized so many”, commented the Flemish Liberal Deputy Prime Minister (Open Vld) in an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws on Saturday.

“The abolition of the senate is again discussed. One party is against. Not the PS, but the MR! Bouchez always comes back to the past. It is not the Reform Movement, but rather the Reactionary Movement,” continues Van Quickenborne. “Look at his Belgianism. Bouchez wants to return to RTT and BRT; on bilingual television. He can’t speak Dutch yet and he wants a public channel. I am far from being a separatist, but between Flemings and French speakers, there are a lot of differences. Are we still not going to go back to Dad’s Belgium? »

Minister Open Vld does not spare another French-speaking coalition party president either. “Paul Magnette (PS) does not digest the fact that he is not Prime Minister and that the Open Vld is the first formation in the country. And some agreements, such as compulsory vaccination in health care, go badly. But a word is a word. »

“The image of the government is a bit tarnished by its rocket fire from certain party presidents,” concludes Vincent Van Quickenborne.

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