Genzer, Klepl, Sitek et al .: They crouched by the fire like the Maasai!

As the grandfather of the serial Haďák, he even prepared a small private choreography, with which the director immediately agreed. “Everyone on the staff was having fun, laughing. We didn’t, we didn’t see what was filmed on the monitor, “he revealed Sitek. He probably won’t miss today’s part, where he sings and dances, to have fun too.

She calls him grandfather

The actors, whom the audience remembers from the Modrava Police series as Major Rack, like the shooting. It has a pleasant atmosphere. “I must say that Simon Bilina, to whom I play my grandfather, I work beautifully. I’m always looking forward to our common scenes. We also have a nice relationship off-camera, my grandfather tells me and he’s a really nice guy, “the actor adds with satisfaction.

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Trained chef

In fact, he also has a grandson. He is 13 years old, his name is Patrik and he loves to cook, bake and fry. Dušan also diversified his path to acting by learning to be a chef before studying at DAMU. At home, he is the one who takes care of happy stomachs, while his wife holds men’s jobs.

Pecháčková she went to her panties

In Tuesday’s episode, Míša Pecháčková’s swim with freshwater fish was waiting. He had to undress. “I originally thought I would have a wetsuit, but in the end we were shooting with freshwater fish and the water was quite warm, so we went to the underwear,” recalls Pecháčková: “I didn’t even dive. It was tried on dry ground for a long time and I was careful not to get it wet unnecessarily and it didn’t have to blow. ”Simon Bilina (26) got a neoprene. “We filmed it with that branch for about two hours. To keep myself under water, the props put weights on my body, “recalls the serial Haďák.

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