Genzer in STB?!? Finková is to blame!

Beautiful singing teacher Linda Finková and moderator and entertainer Richard Genzer appeared together in the company of a beautiful daughter Victoria (20) at the christening of a new book, which Linda published with Trojhlavá sleigh, presenter and “fat cat” Aneta Christová and crazy presenter and teacher Vlaďka Pirichová.

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The face coach Linda Finková is behind the water: In a pandemic, I have work to do.

And its name suggests that there will be no shortage of jokes. They named it Old, Fat, Stupid or STB intervenes and summarized their view of men, sex and motherhood. And Geňa could not be missed! He became one of the godparents. Together with Jiří Babica and Milan Peroutka they symbolically poured the work over the ovary to make it prosper. Bára Basiková also came to see the first book of Trojhlavá sleigh, Jitka Asterová or Petr Vondráček.

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Linda Finková about the divorce from Geň: We have to make it to the end!

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