Geneva: the 55 new positions for the Medical-Pedagogical Office refused

By drawing up on Tuesday the alarming report of a drifting medical-pedagogical office, State Councilor Anne Emery Torracinta had called on the finance commission to take its responsibilities to allow the institution to “get out of the emergency”. It seems to be going badly. On Wednesday, the deputies refused by 8 votes against 6 the additional credit of 55 posts requested learned Time. A snub for the socialist minister who will have to come back with a new proposal. Something to shake up the reorganization schedule.

Unlike bills, complementary appropriations have the particularity of not being able to be amended. The proposal must be accepted as is or refused. “We understand the need to strengthen the OMP but we do not agree with all of the positions,” said Yvan Zweifel, PLR group leader and member of the finance committee.

A third of contested positions

Among the 55 positions requested by the head of the Department of Public Instruction, 25 were intended for specialized schools and integrated classes, 10 to strengthen local management, 8 for general management, 5 for therapeutic consultations and 6 for business referents. .

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In concrete terms, a third of these positions posed a problem for a majority of deputies. They are located in particular at the level of the general management and the staff. “The OMP needs collaborators in the field, not in management and administration,” loose Yvan Zweifel, wishing to send a clear message to the State Councilor. “The media hype around the OMP and the pressure put on deputies are inadmissible,” he believes, judging that all-out resources will not solve the proven organizational problems of the institution.

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