Gender identity, Salvini trivializes and attacks schools that “make the appeal by surname”. Social irony. Zan: “Speculate by consent”

In the Domodossola rally on Saturday 23 July, Matteo Salvini he unsheathed all the workhorses dear to the League. Security, the fight against immigration, but also the battle against the so-called “gender theory“, Always agitated as a bugbear by the most fundamentalist band of the Carroccio. To do this, the former minister took a cue from the case of the principal of a nursery school in Pistoia, who proposed eliminating pink and blue from the aprons against stereotypes. With the result of mixing in just over a minute and a half issues related to education, inclusiveness, rights and equality, making them a great soup for electoral use. Strafalcioni included. This is also why the intervention ended up online, sparking hundreds of criticisms and ironic comments. “In this kindergarten – he says referring to Pistoia – from next year they will no longer wear the blue apron for the boy and pink for the girl because it is discriminatory, but it will be yellow for everyone. On the register of another elementary school and also of a middle school pupils are not spoken with given namesso when they make the roll call there are no Giorgia, Antonello, Elena… Yes the appeal by surname, not to discriminate, because at 7 there are some children who feel fluid. An absolute madness “.

In the political field, among the comments is that of Alessandro Zan, author of the bill against homotransphobia who writes on Twitter: “According to Salvini, the appeal for surname in schools would be the application of the phantom“ gender theory ”. We are beyond the ridiculous: the way the sovereignists they speculate on children and their education for consent is simply dangerous. Let’s stop them “. Many others on social networks point out, not without irony, how the appeal has always been made by surname, also to avoid confusion due to any homonyms present in the class. But beyond the slip on the appeal, Salvini it trivializes and synthesizes incorrectly some real issues, on which in recent years, also thanks to the commitment of the rights associations, awareness has increased in many schools. Even in the elementary ones. These are issues that intertwine education, respect for gender identities and the fight against stereotypes. Just think of the many leaders who promote them in their own institutes alias careers for transgender boys and girls to promote their well-being and make everyone feel comfortable. And therefore indicate in all internal documents, including electronic registers, the name and gender chosen by the student (even if different from that indicated in the identity documents). One of the latest cases is at the Nervi-Severini artistic high school in Ravenna, where the principal said he wanted to make the adoption of a career aka “not a case by case concession, but a rule”.

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