Gato interrupts a political TV program in Georgia and the video goes viral on the networks

A cat was the center of attention when he appeared on a live show in Georgia. The feline appeared in the study, while a TV host was interviewing a former congressman. The video was made viral in the social networks and provoked different reactions from users.

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The funny scene occurred during a program broadcast by the television channel Kavkasia. The host David Akubardia and his guest, former MP Gevedan Popkhade, analyzed the country’s political and economic issues. At that moment, however, a cat surprised the two men with a jump to the desk.

The seriousness of the analysts was put aside and they began to smile at the presence of the pussycat, who did not move for several seconds. The cat even approached one of them to pet it. “This is our cat Kakutsa“Said the show’s host with a laugh.

The guest asks him at that moment if he will join the debate, so the driver addresses the cat and, jokingly, asks him to get off.


The video spread on social media and went viral within minutes. Users were moved and highlighted the reaction of analysts.

“Who knows why the creature jumped on the desk, maybe to check its microphones or makeup?” Wrote one Twitter user. “The nice thing is the reaction of the two presenters,” commented another.

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