Gastronomic and mysterious New Year’s Eve 2022-2023 at La Condesa by Indra Carrillo

By Manon C. Photos by Manon C. Posted Nov 15, 2022 10:45 PM

Chef Indra Carrillo concocts a carte blanche menu for adventurous gourmets that will remain a mystery until D-Day, on the occasion of New Year’s Eve 2022-2023. And at La Condesa, it’s impossible to be disappointed!

To discover this menu on the occasion of New Year’s Eve 2022-2023, you will have to give us all your trust and take our word for it. Indeed, the menu provided within the starred restaurant The Condesa of Chief Indra Carrillo is a white card menuand will therefore be held secret until D-day, when the food arrives on your plate.

Suggested to 280€, excluding drinksthis 9-course menu will allow fans to reconnect with the most inventive dishes of the mexican chefand others to plunge headlong into the crazy creativity of this young chef, rewarded withone star in the Michelin Guide in 2019.

What is certain is that our recent visit to La Condesa totally overwhelmed and convinced us. To convince you in turn and allow you to live this gastronomic experience, we invite you to read or reread our test on this wonderful address in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, recently installed in a new place, bigger and even more warm.

So, we let ourselves be tempted by a little mysteryfor the Christmas Eve ? A great way to start the new year 2023 in beauty !

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