Gasoline, the government requires managers to display the national average price close to the selling price

In front of maxi increase in petrol and diesel, the Council of Ministers approved a decree “on the transparency of fuel prices and on the strengthening of the sanctioning powers of the Price Guarantor”. From now on, according to what has been established by the executive, managers will in fact be obliged to display the average national price of fuels next to the selling price, in each petrol station. Furthermore, the price it will be calculated daily by the Ministry of the Environment and communicated on the website of the department.

Furthermore, on the motorway network, the sales prices cannot be greater than a percentage – which the government is defining in these minutes – of the national average price. The government has also guaranteed that collaboration with the will be strengthened Finance Guard on speculative conduct. In the event of violation, sanctions are envisaged for repeat offenders, with the possibility of suspending the activity of those who violate the rules from 7 days up to as many as 90. In general, the guarantor for the surveillance of tariffs will see its range of action strengthened, with the establishment, among other things, of an internal rapid alert commission on price dynamics. dl: this is the name of the approved decree.

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