Gas, Russia reactivates the Nord Stream gas pipeline: “40% supplies”. And Portugal also rejects the EU plan to cut consumption by 15%

There Russiaas announced, has reactivated this morning the Nord Stream pipeline. The plant was back in operation after the closure of last 11 July, which was necessary for maintenance and which had created fears in the Old Continent. The gas from Russia, therefore, has started to flow back to Germany and from there to the rest of Europe. The agency Tax reports that volumes were requested equal to those supplied before the temporary closure, i.e. for about 67 million cubic meters per day, which is equivalent to 40% of the pipeline utilization rate. According to the Ukrainian gas transport operator Ogtsu, Gazprom’s supplies via Ukraine also continue, which today should reach 42.4 million cubic meters. In this sense, Moscow has “categorically rejected as false the accusations of blackmail addressed to Europe, we are ready to respect the commitments made” said the spokesman for the Kremlin. Dmitri Peskov. Which he added: “We remain crucial for Europe’s energy security”.

And speaking of Gazprom, as far as Italy is concerned, the Russian multinational has “announced for today the delivery of volumes of gas equal to approximately 36 million cubic meters, compared to daily deliveries of approximately 21 million cubic meters made in recent days “. To say it was Eni. In practice, compared to yesterday, there was one growth of 71.4%. Eni has made it known that it will reserve the right to communicate “any updates in the event that there are further significant changes in the quantities to be delivered communicated by Gazprom”.

Meanwhile, on the European front, also the Portugalafter Spain, rejected Ursula von der Leyen’s plan to reduce the request from gas of the 15% between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023. Lisbon is “completely against” the Brussels proposal, because it is “disproportionate” and “unsustainable”. This was stated this morning by the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Environment and Energy, Joao Galamba, speaking to the national press. The plan presented yesterday by the EU Commission “does not take into account the differences between countries” and “ignores that Portugal has no interconnections with the rest of Europe”, highlighted Galamba. The proposal will be discussed in these days by the ambassadors of the EU countries in Brussels.

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