Gary Barlow + Dawn Barlow: Gary Barlow opens photo album: Picture from 1988 shows his getting to know Dawn

Gary Barlow + Dawn Barlow
For the 22nd wedding anniversary, he shares a photo of their getting to know each other

Gary Barlow and wife Dawn


Gary Barlow met the love of his life 34 years ago. Today he and Dawn Barlow have been married for 22 years and have four children. On the occasion of the wedding day, the “Take That” star shares unseen pictures.

In 1988, Gary Barlow, 50, and the native Dawn Andrews, 52, stood together for the first time in front of the camera – not knowing that they would one day walk in front of the wedding altar. Dawn appeared as a dancer in a music video for “Take That”. But it wasn’t until seven years later that the musician and his chosen one should really spark. Still, shooting the video is a key moment in their relationship for the couple.

Gary Barlow: Pictures show him and his wife Dawn shooting “Take That” in 1988

On the occasion of the couple’s 22nd wedding anniversary, the successful producer and songwriter rummaged through the photo box – and found what he was looking for. In addition to a recent picture that shows him at Dawn’s side, he shares two pictures that were taken 34 years ago. “Look at the pictures from the day we first met – 1988 !!! Shocking !!!” writes Barlow on social media.

Shocking? Well, fans have a completely different opinion. The Instagram community is enthusiastic about the pictures. “Awwwww wow so beautiful”, writes a user. Another says: “I love these photos! Happy wedding anniversary Mr and Mrs B.” In addition to the little journey through time, however, it is Gary Barlow’s lines that get under your skin:

Congratulations on your 22nd wedding anniversary, Mrs. B. Well, what a time it was. So many adventures. 4 beautiful children. On the next 22 and beyond.

Gary Barlow: Daughter Poppy was born dead

Particularly moving: Barlow mentions his four children in the short lines. Next to Daniel, 21, Emily, 19, and Daisy, 13, daughter Poppy was to see the light of day in 2012. But the little girl is stillborn. “To us she looked like she was alive. […] But then reality comes back and you suddenly gasp for air. It felt like someone was closing my throat, “Barlow wrote years later in his autobiography.

After Gary Barlow and Dawn Andrews met in 1988, they lost contact a short time later. It wasn’t until 1995 that the two fell in love. The entertainer couple’s dream wedding followed in 2000.

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