Garou: the singer and ex-coach of "The Voice" finds himself involved in the Manko affair, a Parisian restaurant accused of racism!

This Wednesday, July 20, a video posted on tik tok quickly went viral. The reason ? Le Manko, a chic restaurant located on Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, has been accused of racism by several Canadian tourists. One explains having lived his “first experience of racism” in front of the establishment, specializing in Peruvian food. On the images, we see the security guard resetting the group of women, on the pretext that they were not wearing outfits “evening”. However, these were dressed for the occasion.


My first experience of Racism at the restaurant Manko in Paris. Am just gonna let this here and go on with my life.

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If other people, white, had no problem entering an establishment, of which the singer Garou is a partner, another group of two white men and two black women experienced the same misadventure. “I’m really sorry, the gentlemen I want to accept they are well dressed, but you are not”, says the security guard. A couple of black people will meet the same fate… “It shocks me, it exists for real”, she lamented, evoking a racist attitude. Following this incident which occurred on Saturday July 16, the management of the restaurant belonging to Moma Group reacted in a post instagram and Facebook. “Following the incident that occurred on Saturday evening in Paris, Manko apologizes. Manko respects a charter of values ​​that advocate equality, respect, tolerance and benevolence for all. The necessary sanctions were immediately taken. and permanently”. The security guard was notably laid off.

Far from being enough for Internet users who denounce a racist attitude of public notoriety. Some personalities, including DJ Snake, have called for a boycott of this place. Since the publication of the video, the restaurant has been the subject of a wave of negative reviews on Google. The business average dropped significantly for several hours before reviews from the last 24 hours were removed.

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