Gariyaband News: Three youths rescued a girl who was flowing in the river

Fingeshwar. Three friends, risking their lives, managed to rescue a 35-year-old girl who was flowing in the dry river safely. According to the information received, the water level of the river drains of the region was increasing very fast since morning on 14th September. People had been gathering since morning near these rivers and streams to see the sight of the floods. At around 2.30 pm, the flood in the Sukha river located on the Fingeshwar-Borid Chowk road was in spate. Hundreds of people were watching the flood scene. During this time people saw that a girl was flowing in the flood, on which instead of saving the girl, she started making videos of her. Many were taking photos from mobiles. Information about this matter reached Borid Chowk where discussion started that the girl who was flowing is Manki Sinha of Sinha family of Borid. When Yogesh Sahu of Borid came to know about this, he hurriedly reached near the river to see the girl. Hearing Borid’s girl, he became obsessed with saving her and he started moving from the square on the bike with his friends Thanu Dhruv village Patharri and Chumman Rajput along the banks of the river, when the girl was seen stuck near a tree, then all three Together they took him out. The 35-year-old girl was conscious and started walking shortly after being evacuated. On being asked, she told that when there was a quarrel in the house, she left her village on foot and jumped into the river near Borid Chowk. When the youths pulled the girl out of the river, after that the police also reached. The police took the girl to the police station. The courage of the three youths saved the girl, while seeing the girl flowing in the river, the people enjoying the floods continued to enjoy making videos and taking photos. The dignitaries of Borid-Fingeshwar, including the police, have praised the three youths and demanded the administration to give them a reward for saving the girl’s life by their courage and quick efforts.

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