Gariyaband News: Change in weather and rain changed the nature of the body: Dr. Navratna

Gariaband. Climate change and intermittent rain in the span of a few days have not only affected the health of the general public, but also caused seasonal infectious diseases.

The risk of getting the disease has also increased. With the changing seasons, people are falling prey to seasonal diseases. Along with this, the number of patients in the hospitals has also started increasing.

Here, due to the changing weather and intermittent rains throughout the week, the effect of people’s body has changed. Along with water-borne diseases occurring during the rainy season, the risk of malaria, dengue has also increased due to the increase in the outbreak of mosquitoes. In view of this, the Health Department has shared information about water-borne diseases and symptoms of malaria, dengue and prevention measures. District Health Officer Dr. Netram Navratna said that along with water-borne diseases during the rainy season, there is also the possibility of malaria, dengue due to increase in the outbreak of mosquitoes. In the rainy season, infectious diseases such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, jaundice,

The risk of spreading malaria, enteritis, etc. also increases significantly, due to which the possibility of these diseases taking the form of epidemics increases significantly. For effective control of these infectious diseases, water purification of all water sources with bleaching powder and purification of water from hand pumps, wells, borings should be done with chlorination. To prevent infectious diseases, the consumption of rotten vegetables, fruits etc. should be avoided. Low osmolar ORS solution should be ensured for proper management of diarrheal disease.

Do not allow water to stagnate to avoid malaria: He told about malaria that in this disease there is pain in hands and feet, headache, fever with chills. It is caused by the bite of a female Anopheles infected mosquito. To avoid malaria, do not allow water to accumulate around the house, put kerosene, mobil oil in the stagnant water. Smoke neem leaves in the evening. Use medicine coated mosquito nets while sleeping.

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