Gardois caregivers were in the street to shout their dissatisfaction

They were just over 200 demonstrators marching in the streets of Nîmes on Tuesday, January 11.

It took Yannick Noah and his “Citizen Arms” to warm up the motivations to pound the pavement this Tuesday afternoon. Gathered in scattered groups, more than 200 caregivers from all over the department had come to Place de la Maison Carrée to show their dismay. Their anger. Their helplessness. And to voice the discomfort of a population flushed by two years of health crisis. Gnawed at being kept silent over and over again.

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Keep believing it

Side by side, nurses, orderlies, psychologists, speech therapists, ASH and other agents marched on Boulevard Victor-Hugo to the rhythm of some well-felt punchlines. Behind her mask, Alexandra Carpentier, operating room nurse at the Nîmes hospital center, does not mince words.

Twelve years since the young woman has embraced this passionate human career. “By investing myself in the public service, I believed in the nobility of its missions. Today it is with a heavy heart that I draw the conclusion that over time, the famous missions are only window dressing. . The quality of care that is offered is constantly diminishing. There are fewer and fewer staff. We no longer have time to take care of our patients. I come home in the evening dissatisfied with my day. Each time, I tell myself that I had so much to do. But the truth is that we do not have time any more. And it is unjustifiable with the patients. If I am here this afternoon is that despite this terrible realization, I can not help but believe it again. And I want to continue to fight for things to change. “

Because the words have remained for some “way too stuck in the throat”, representatives of the various health professions have followed one another at the microphone to testify to the “difficult, sad, worrying” reality of their daily life. All tinted by this new wave of Covid which never ceases to surge. Here, Nathalie Argenson, CGT delegate from the hospital.

A few steps away, Sandrine Flaugére, nursing assistant, and Lionel Petit, pharmacy technician, both stationed at the Uzès hospital center, hoist the colors of the CGT high. “We demand the regularization of salaries. The decisions of the Health Segur whose revaluation for certain positions only had the gift of dividing the agents even more. It is unacceptable to note that for example an ASH has no gain in the Segur while she performs some of the tasks of nursing assistants, which have seen their salary increased. We are all in the same boat. All affected by the crisis. We need an equal status for all. “

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