Ganeshotsav 2021 Parikrama is done in this Ganesh temple of Jabalpur

Brajesh Shukla, Jabalpur, NewDuniya. There is such a Ganesh temple in Mangeli on the Narmada bank of the city, where the wishes are fulfilled by doing parikrama. Special rituals are being performed here on the festival of Ganeshotsav. Villagers say that this stone idol in Shri Siddhi Vinayak Ganesh Temple is about one thousand years old. This temple is on the side of the National Highway in Mangeli village, next to Chulha Golai, after going from Jamtara to Narmada bridge and Tilwara.

This is the specialty: The specialty of this temple is that it is built on top of a small mountain which is also known as Ganesh Tekri. There is a temple of Hanuman ji on the second mountain near it, which is known as Hanuman Tekri. There is a Bhairav ​​temple in the middle of both the tekri. Swami Narmadanand Brahmachari explains that there is a circumambulation path of about 600 meters around the temple. It is believed that the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by doing the parikrama.

Damaged in the attack: Temple trust president Sukhlal Yadav said that the ancientness of the temple has been told by the elders of the village. When the Mughal rulers attacked the temples, this idol was hidden in the houses by the people of the village at that time, so this idol could not be broken. After this the idol was again installed as before.

Remains found on the mountain: Gangaram Yadav, a member of the temple trust, says that many years ago there was a dense forest here. When the pit is done for plantation, the remains of the temple are found in a little excavation. Many types of relics are still seen near the temple. From which it is clear that the temple was very beautiful. Apart from the surrounding greenery, the view of the city is also visible from here.

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