Ganeshotsav 2021 In this 13th century temple Bappa is seated with Shri Yantra and 27 Nakshatras

Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. Lord Ganesha has been sitting in the Badshah Halwai Temple at Polipathar since the 13th century. The special thing is that the Shri Yantra is specially made in this temple. The temple has marble pillars in which 27 constellations have been made along with the directions, which are rarely seen in other temples. In this temple of Gond carpet, a 16-armed statue of Lord Ganesha is installed, which is with Riddhi Siddhi. Apart from the city, people from far and wide come to this temple built on the mountain to fulfill their wishes.

The Gond rulers had built: This temple was built by the Gond rulers. According to the known history, in this temple, Queen Durgavati of the Gondwana kingdom used to come to worship, besides Lord Ganesha, Lord Mahadev is also present in the temple. From the walls of the temples to the pillars, idols of gods and goddesses of every era have been made. Devotees also come to see it.

Hence the name Badshah Halwai Mandir: This temple is known as Badshah Halwai Mandir. It is said that the temple was in a dilapidated condition due to being in the mountain. Then it was renovated by the emperor of the region, Halwai, since then people know this temple by this name.

Fulfillment of wishes: Ram Gopal Dubey, the priest of the temple told that where particular people come for the fulfillment of their wishes. People pray for the attainment of wealth and children in the court and come to express their faith when their wishes are fulfilled.

There is an ancient cave near the temple: There is an ancient cave in the open area behind the temple. It is said that from this cave, Queen Durgavati used to reach the temple from Madan Mahal fort. Rani Durgavati used to go from here also for Narmada bath. At present, the entrance of this cave has been closed, because no one can go further after two or three steps.

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