GAMES OF DESTINY | Ugur tells Emine that they are running from the police

Marilyn Eyebrows

Raci sent Meral some new clothes, as a way of apologizing for what Zahide did to her by seeing her in the room with him.

Meral was very surprised, she called him and told him that it was not necessary, but he insisted that she accept it.

Ilayda dates Necmi

Ilayda left her house without a car to wait for Necmi to take her to class, who has made sure she believes that she is a millionaire.

Cemal accuses Mahir

Cemal urges Asiye to believe in the kiss that Mahir gave Zuhal, what he still doesn’t know is that their marriage is fake.

She told him not to get involved in that matter and that it is something between the two of them.

Gulsum attacks Asiye

After seeing how she was conversing with Cemal, Gulsum dropped a hint at Asiye to make her feel uncomfortable, because she thinks she is having an affair with Cemal.

After that moment, Asiye left and Cemal entered the kitchen, he told her that she could talk and say what she wanted, but she told him that Mrs. Nedret was threatening her.

Meral tells Mahir to talk to Asiye

Meral wants Asiye to be happy that’s why she talked to Mahir and told him to talk to her and tell her everything he feels about her.

So he, without hesitation, arranged something special to tell her.

Mahir confesses his feelings to Asiye

Mahir was very sad and disappointed, telling Asiye how much he feels for her, but he was sincere and told him that he only loves him as a good friend.

He told her that everything was fine but when he left he began to cry and felt very bad.

After that, she went to have a drink at the hotel bar and then Zuhal wrote to her, he sent her a photo and she realized that he was also at the hotel.

Zuhal and Mahir are together

After seeing the photo, Zuhal realized that he was in the hotel, so she invited him to her room, he asked for a bottle and went.

When they were in the room, they talked and then they got carried away, they spent the night together.

Cemal realizes that Mahir was with Zuhal

Cemal asked for the videos from the hotel cameras for an issue with a guest, but suddenly realized that Mahir entered Zuhal’s room and left the next morning.

The same video was seen by Helin and talked to her, Zuhal only said that they are adults and there is nothing wrong with that.

Zuhal tells Helin that Mahir and Asiye are not married

Seeing how upset Helin was, Zuhal told her that Mahir and Asiye are not really married and have only known each other for two months.

Ugur tells Emine that they are running from the police

Ugur had a nightmare and Emine went to wake him up, when he saw her he hugged her tightly and then told her to keep a secret, she told him it was fine and he confessed that Mahir is not his real father and they are running from the police .

Emine was very nervous, she entered Asiye’s room and found out her real name; She asked a police officer her name to find out if she was wanted by the law.

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