GAMES OF DESTINY | Asiye discovers that Cemal was unfaithful to her before leaving her

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Asiye, her sons and Mahir moved into her father Harun’s mansion.

Mahir presents gifts to Ugur and Nergis

Mahir arrived at the mansion loaded with gifts for Ugur and Nergis, who were very happy and thanked him for the gesture.

Helin talks to her father

Helin told her father that Cemal wants to leave as soon as possible and that she did not accept his offer to work at his company.

Harun accepted him but asked him to visit often as he doesn’t have much time left. She does not imagine that she is dying.

Nergis claims his father

Nergis complained to her father Cemal for having abandoned her and he told her that she will not see him anymore, since she is returning with her family to another city.

When she heard him, she tore off the necklace he gave her when she was just a little girl and gave it to him.

Nergis suffers a lot

Nergis is suffering a lot for his father Cemal, seeing him after so many years is hurting him a lot, he told his mother Asiye everything he is feeling and she hugged her and told her that it is best not to see him anymore.

Raci is in trouble

Raci took her sister to the hotel but at the moment they were to meet, a man called him and told him that they needed him; it turns out that he is dedicated to gambling and is neglecting the family heritage.

Asiye discovers that Cemal was already unfaithful

Asiye discovered that Cemal was unfaithful to her long before he left her, when Helin herself told them in a conversation that the first gift she gave Cemal was a watch.

When he heard it, Asiye remembered when they were together and he was checking one of his pants and saw the watch.

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