Gal Costa’s son regrets the singer’s death and is impressed by the ‘dimension’ of the tributes

Gabriel Costa, son of Gal Costa, changed the singer’s life after the first meeting with her, when he was just two years old. Gabriel represented the realization of motherhood for Gal Costa and interview for Fantástico, the shy boy, who is now 17 years old, told how he was impacted by the tributes and public commotion with the death of Gal Costa.

Gabriel explained that he thought a lot about whether or not he would like to speak publicly about his mother, but felt he needed to thank the fansincluding artists who mourned the singer’s death.

At the beginning of the interview, Gabriel made it clear that only on the day of the wake understood who the singer Gal Costa was, not just mom. “I only had the vision that she is my mother and only mine and I didn’t have the vision of her dimension as a singer. I only realized this at her wake“, he explained.

“That’s why I came here, that I thought: ‘I have to think of the other people who loved my mum too, they deserve to see a bit more into her life’. So who could be more affirming about her life if not her son?”

Gabriel, the singer’s only heir, still said he has a different taste in music than Gal, one of the greatest performers in the country. “The songs I listened to, she didn’t like very much. It’s funk, it’s trap, music totally different from MPB. Sometimes I would put on a song that we both liked. But normally it was always hers“, said Gabriel.

Then, he revealed which song the two liked🇧🇷 “‘Cuidando de Longe’, with Marília Mendonça. Sometimes she would come to my room and I would be listening to this song. She would smile, she wouldn’t say much, but she would smile. Or she would go into the room and start listening along“, he completed.

Gal Costa’s son tells about regret after the singer’s death


Gal Costa said in some interviews that always dreamed of being a mother. She met Gabriel at a shelter in Rio de Janeiro and said that after meeting her son, her life changed. gal had a relationship for over twenty years with Wilma, which Gabriel calls godmother. The two were side by side at the singer’s wake at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

Gabriel explained about the routine with his mother and godmother. “Regarding the school, the lesson, we kind of had an agreement, so to speak. Which was I do my responsibilities, she did hers. As long as I passed the year… It was great”.

“I don’t think I really enjoyed my mother’s presence here. When I got home, I didn’t spend a lot of time sitting there with her and my godmother talking. I went straight to my room. I kept playing, watching a series. I think I should have enjoyed it more.”

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