Gad Elmaleh: at 66, his mother Régine is embarking on a lucrative business!

If Gad Elmaleh’s professional career was at the top before the pandemic, the comedian has been deprived of the stage for several months and despairs of being able to return to work with each new government announcement. On January 7, the father of the family had to make yet another painful decision: “In view of the current context, and following the latest gauge limitations set at 2000 people for seated shows, the following Gad Elmaleh “Besides” shows are cancelled” could we read on his Instagram account.
If the health crisis has had a very negative impact on his professional situation, it would seem that his mother, Régine Elmaleh, was able to take advantage of the boom in home food orders to start a lucrative business. “It’s official: Mom wants to distribute her couscous all over the world” announced Gad Elmaleh this Friday on Instagram.
“It’s mom who treats”
“Clément and I are going to distribute couscous all over the world” launches the comedian’s mother in the video, talking about Clément Benoît, the founder of the start-up “Not so dark” and of the company specializing in delivery Stuart Deliver, with whom she has partnered for this project.
The concept called “WALIDA has its own Instagram account, already followed by nearly 15,000 subscribers. “It’s mom who treats, It’s simmering, it’s almost ready…” can we read in the description of the account. Passionate about cooking, Régine Elmaleh has therefore decided to combine using it with pleasure with this project and anyone can therefore order their small dishes at home! A new success in the Elmaleh family.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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