Gad Elmaleh and India Weber: little Joseph needs an urgent bone marrow transplant

“Emergency hospitalized a few days ago”, several celebrities are mobilizing to help a little boy. Gad Elmaleh and India Weber, want to help Joseph who is in need of bone marrow donation. In his story, the comedian writes: “Joseph we are with you my friend. We are going to win ”he also adds“ A few minutes of our life to save one ”. The 50-year-old also puts a link that redirects on a page to donate. The model India Weber publishes a post with four photos on her Instagram, coupled with a very touching text which explains the situation of little Joseph: “I present to you Joseph three and a half years old, the son of my best friend, my sister at heart. . My family what! At the age of one, Joseph suffered from leukemia. Two years later in full remission it is relapse. “

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In the second photo published by India Weber, it is a message written by the mother and the father of the child which is published: “Children, including ours, need a new bone marrow to hope to live. If you are under 35, we implore you to get tested. It’s fast and free, just a little bit of your saliva to spit out in a tube and return to an envelope. Bone marrow donation doesn’t hurt, for 80% of donations it’s just a blood test. The odds of finding a suitable donor for our child are 1 in 1 million. Maybe you will save our son’s life. This donation becomes for us the most incredible of medicines because the human being, in what he has the smallest to give: his stem cells, saves the human being in what he has most precious to keep: his life Please pass this message on, thank you for it, for us, for life. “

If you would like to help Joseph, go to the bone marrow donation site. Joseph needs you, his life depends on it …

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