Gaby Castillo and the other brides of the Tepito Union who went from luxuries to jail

The life of luxury it can be tempting for some, even if the source of that money does not come from legal sources. This is how most people related to drug trafficking they end up behind bars or they even lose their lives, after having enjoyed trips, parties, cars, among other pleasures, even being aware of the consequences of their actions.

MORE INFORMATION: The luxury cars that Gaby Castillo boasted before being arrested

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At present, various figures of the social networks, known for leading a life of extravagance, have gone from shining on the internet to being known nationally for their relationship with characters from the underworld, which in most cases has ended in jail.

Some of those young women are Mitzi Yunuen, Gabriela Castillo and Ivonne Macedo, the girlfriends of leaders and members of the criminal group La Unión Tepito, dedicated to the sale of drugs and extortion in Mexico City.


Gaby Castillo, who recently changed her name to “Briela sanz”For her debut in the music industry, she is known in the media for her participation in the reality show “Falling in love”. However, her name has gained relevance in recent weeks for being the girlfriend of Joseph Hareff, a member of the Soto family, the biggest luxury car scammers in the Aztec territory.

The young woman was arrested with Hareff on January 3 aboard a van with a robbery report and in possession of various drugs, for which she is being held in Santa Martha, the most popular female prison in the Mexican capital. Castillo was also the girlfriend of Óscar Andrés Flores Ramírez, alias ‘El Lunares’, an alleged leader of La Unión Tepito who is currently in prison.

The young woman was arrested with Hareff on January 3 aboard a van with a report of theft (Photo: Gaby Castillo / Instagram)


Yunuen was the girlfriend of Eduardo Ramírez Tiburcio, alias ‘El Chori’, one of the leaders of the same organization. The 26-year-old woman was arrested last September after an operation in the Cuajimalpa mayor’s office, where they found her 329 doses of possible drug and a weapon.


Ivonne Macedo is related to Fernando Antonio, better known as ‘El Chato de La Unión’. The young woman was arrested on January 8 in the streets of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, where they were found hundreds of doses of marijuana and cocaine that both distributed in the area.


Gaby Castillo was known for showing off luxury brand cars. Through her social networks, the young woman published various photographs in which she can be seen on board of various sports brands or considered exclusive.

Even if Gaby castle He was always photographed aboard luxurious cars, it could not be proven that they were his property. In some of the photos it only shows the doors or certain angles of the cars.

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The first registration of a possible luxury car dates from February 5, 2019. In the postcard, Gaby Castillo is sitting on the hood of a Renault truck that, depending on the characteristics, may be a Koleos.

According to the Kavak page, this truck is valued at up to 407,999 pesos for a 2018 model with 62,000 kilometers, while the 2017 model costs up to 374,999 pesos; there are few 2019 that are offered, but they cost up to 434 thousand 999 thousand pesos.

Also noteworthy are some photos from May 2020 showing two adventure cars, all-terrain, Polaris brand, RZR models. These cars can reach 759 thousand 900 pesos, according to Infobae.

The most controversial truck in which it boasts since February 2021, is a Jeep Wrangler Sahara, 4×4 and hybrid, according to the specifications of the official site of the brand. The price is around 115,900 pesos.

In another post you can see him on a black Jaguar sports car. Due to its characteristics, it could be an F-Type Coupé. The price of these, consulted with the online agency, can reach up to one and a half million pesos.

Without a doubt, Gaby Castillo liked to show off these luxurious vehicles on her social networks. Now, the influencer is detained along with José Hareff Soto Jiménez, a member of the Los Soto family, a band whose modus operandi is the purchase of high-end vehicles with bad checks.

The influencer Gaby Castillo was arrested in Mexico for drug dealing (Photo: Gaby Castillo / Instagram)
The influencer Gaby Castillo was arrested in Mexico for drug dealing (Photo: Gaby Castillo / Instagram)


The woman was detained by the police when she was in the company of José Hareff Soto in a high-end car, which would have been bought with a bottomless check, according to the first reports from local media and law enforcement officials.

The young woman, with sports clothes and pink hair, was taken to Agency 50 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office specialized in vehicle theft. So far, it is unknown what will be the fate of the celebrity and his companion.

In the car, according to police reports collected by the press, packages with a substance that would be cocaine and “stone” were found, as well as a firearm. The person involved has not manifested herself on her social networks, such as Instagram, where she has more than 700 thousand followers.

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