Gaby almiron "Pacotillo" and its serious economic moment due to the coronavirus pandemic: “I went out to sell stews”

The Pandemic of Coronavirus it generated economic problems around the world. And the artistic community of our country was one of the sectors hit hardest because he was forced to stop working. Comedian Gaby almiron, popularly known as “Pacotillo” for his character in “Videomatch” and “Polémica en el Bar” told how he faced these difficult times and his complicated economic situation.

The comedian gave an interview in which he recounted his distressing context and revealed that he had to dedicate himself to gastronomy in an amateur way in order to survive with his family during the crisis that began in 2020.

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Gaby Almirón is recognized for her character “Pacotillo” from “VideoMatch”.

Despite having participated in many successes, Almirón’s situation during the pandemic was not good and he became a go-getter. “Two things happened to me, I ran out of money at one point and I had to inevitably reinvent myself but as one is not prepared for reinvestment “, began by saying Gaby in conversation with Juan Etchegoyen para Metro Live.

And then detailed: “Reinventing yourself is deciding what you are going to do with this present that denies you to be what you are, one of the things I like is cooking and I started a small stew-making venture called ´Solo Stews´”.

According to what he said, he sold through the neighborhoods of Mataderos and Parque Avellaneda, which is where he lives, taking advantage of the fact that he has a talent for culinary arts as well as acting. “I was able to do other things than my profession is. I am in charge of buying raw materials, meats. I answered the phone to capture orders and delivery”, added.

Despite his cleverness, he couldn’t hire people to help him either: “In that situation, I couldn’t pay salaries and from time to time my brother would come and give me a hand. Nor could I have people because in 2020 the issue of the pandemic was very hard and it was very difficult “.

But the situation also became more complex when he brought his mother to live with him: “Her hand got so screwed up that I decided that my mother would come and live with me and she was with me throughout the pandemic. She is 86 years old and I was very scared and it was like a double responsibility for me. Not only did I have to take care of myself but also my mom too ”.

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