Gabriela, ex-Pugliesi, reports that she ate 8 pieces of pizza: "I wanted more"

Gabrielaex-Pugliesi, has been commenting on his routine since he announced the pregnancy, this week, and said that he ate eight pieces of pizza for dinner, while walking along the beach, this Friday (13/05).

Through stories, the influencer told about the desire for pregnancy: “It was just me telling you that I just want to eat healthy things, fruits, etc., I had eight pieces of pizza for dinner yesterday.”

“When I wasn’t pregnant, I never managed to get past three pieces. In the eighth piece, I wanted more. There was a void inside me, it didn’t fill. But then I said: ‘Better stop, honey’. We stopped and here we are”, she said.

On social media, she often shares her healthy eating routine, as well as physical exercises and fitness recipes for internet users.

The influencer left netizens surprised and announced, this Monday (09/05), that she is pregnant for the first time., aged 37 years. On her Instagram, the influencer said that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Tulio Dek.

In a video, she celebrated the news: “I dreamed of this day, to say that I’m pregnant. I saved the two tests I took on March 6th. I was trying to have a baby.”

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