Gabriel Jesus costumes Minnie’s daughter in celebration of two months. Photos!

As in the first month, Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima showed, on social media, photos of Helena’s second birthday. The girl was born on May 24 in England, the country where the player currently lives.

In the photos, Gabriel Jesus showed Helena’s cake table. The party was themed “Minnie Mouse”. parents too dressed the girl as the Disney character. “Two months of the love of our lives. Our Minnie,” wrote Raiane in a post shared with the new Arsenal player.

In the comments, the followers filled Gabriel Jesus’ publication with wishes for Helena. Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima announced their relationship in July last year, after the Copa America. In September, the player broke the news that the couple was expecting their first child. Currently, Gabriel Jesus divides Instagram publications between his moments on the field and posts with his daughter.

Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima celebrate a year of dating


On July 12, Valentine’s Day, Raiane Lima published a photo with Gabriel Jesus and revealed when the official dating request took place. In the post, the couple appears in several moments of intimacy with the caption: “I love having you by my side, my beautiful little black. I love people. I love you!” he wrote.

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