Gabigol’s Affair posts a photo of a pink bikini and the web quotes a player: ‘Goals that lose on the field, do away’

After the announcement of the end between Gabigol and Rafaella Santos, the Flamengo player was appointed with a new affair. This is Nathalia Diniz, a 21-year-old student and model who spent a week in Rio with the athlete. After the news that the young woman would be the ace’s new conquest, Gabigol’s fans started to follow and comment on Nathalia’s photos referring to the player.

In the last feed post, Nathalia appeared in a pink bikini in the midst of nature. In the caption, the young woman just put a red heart. In the comments, the Flamengo fans made a point of praising Gabigol’s choice.

“Gabigol’s goal”, wrote one. “The goals he loses on the field he scores away,” observed another. “Gabigol has good taste,” said a third.

+ Rafaella Santos breaks the silence and explains her fourth breakup with Gabigol.

Who is Gabigol’s new affair?

Nathalia is from São Paulo and a student of Advertising. The young woman is also an intern in the area at a health plan manager and digital hospital. As of this writing, Nathalia has more than 18,000 followers on Instagram.

+ Gabigol moves to luxury home in Rio.

On the social network, the young woman shares a little of her life. Photos and highlights from travel, beach, parties and events abound. Speaking of the first, the young woman has already visited places like: Jericoacoara, in Ceará, Los Angeles, in the USA, Portugal and Cancún, in Mexico.

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