Gabi Martins details her relationship with Tierry after the breakup and makes a surprising confession

Gabi Martins opened up about her relationship with Tierry. The former BBB confessed that the singer was the great love of her life. The two ended their romance in January of this year.

“Tierry is an amazing guy. We talk to each other, we have respect for each other, we have a friendship that will continue. He was the greatest love of my life”, declared the artist when interviewed by journalist Felipeh Campos on Instagram. .

However, Gabi doesn’t want to think about dating for now. The miner said that she intends to focus on her work: “I’m single living my life, focusing on my career. There’s not this harassment that people think is not in my career”.

Gabi Martins confirms stay with José Loreto

However, not dating doesn’t mean stop enjoying the single life. After rumors that she would have stayed with the actor José Loreto, Gabi Martins confirmed and said that it was just a kiss. “I’m single. We don’t have anything. We met at Carnival and life goes on”, commented the sertaneja.

Gabi Martins evaluates the music scene

Gabi Martins also spoke about the challenges behind the scenes of music and highlighted that machismo still affects singers, in the midst of an industry dominated by men.

“On stage is where I can show the best of me. The sertanejo is very sexist, we saw the transformation movement of several singers and they said what women wanted to hear. They made our generation able to have a voice. it is still a very sexist environment, which we go through difficulties. God willing, it will change even more”, he concluded.

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