Gabi Martins and Tierry reconcile after lightning breakup

Last night the singer Tierry used the Stories of his Instagram to reveal that, once again, he resumed his relationship with the singer and ex-BBB Gabi Martins after a quick breakup between the couple.

In the shared text, Tierry took the opportunity to deny that the crisis in his relationship with the ex-BBB would have started because of Gabi’s jealousy with Adriel, the countryman’s 6-year-old son.

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“Gabi and I are a family and she has always had love for my son. It’s not easy being a couple, especially being two people in public and with their lives exposed at all times. We often have to control our emotions when we want to scream like anyone else,” Tierry began in his post.

In the end, the singer comments that the two are back together and that everything is resolved. “We are human beings, who ‘lost our temper’ and, like everyone else, we ended up expressing a silly disagreement, but that was resolved. Everything is resolved between us and has nothing to do with my son”, he explained.

Last Wednesday (01/12), Gabi used her Instagram to share a photo album where she shows that she and Tierry were having a romantic day.In the photos, the ex-BBB appears wearing a yellow bikini, prancing her butt while giving her beloved a kiss.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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