Future film "Mother/Android": When viewers are fooled

Androids killing people, a society on the edge of existence and a heavily pregnant woman fighting for her unborn baby. What one of the sci-fi thrillers “Mother / Android” expects is sometimes difficult to endure.

Since the zombie series “The Walking Dead” began its triumphal march around the world in 2010, the post-apocalypse has become socially acceptable again and films and series can no longer be imagined without it. One has the feeling that every three weeks a new doom scenario breaks out over humanity.

If it’s not zombies, vampires, insidious aliens, deadly viruses or despots from the planet Titan, then it’s the evil androids, as in the movie “Mother / Android” on Netflix. Man-made workers and workers constructed on the drawing board who want to escape their yoke. This is how it is when you want to play God: At some point your own creation will fall on your feet.

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There is nothing wrong with post-apocalyptic entertainment per se. But in the crowd of successful productions of the last decades you should at least bring a touch of something new with you. Just a tiny innovation!

In any case, the makers of “Mother / Android” seem to have thought: We just copy a few bad and good robots / Android / cyborg films, give the US actress Chloë Grace Moretz the part of a heavily pregnant woman who for the life of her unborn child Child struggles and the bottom line is that the result is definitely good, contemporary entertainment cinema. The end product of this venture is – to say the least – a total shot in the oven.

Boring and sentimental

You don’t want to chalk “Mother / Android” its low budget. Even the sparse equipment and the meager effects would be acceptable if only the unspeakably stupid story that screenwriter and director Mattson Tomlin spun around his protagonists Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Sam (Algee Smith) didn’t ruin the desire to watch.

“Mother / Android” offers – apart from a monologue about the Czech writer Karel Čapek, who coined the word robot with his 1920 drama “RUR” – nothing but boring, maudlinism. Director Tomlin doesn’t seem to care about the intelligence of his viewers. After all, his film contains a pregnant woman with a fighting spirit who, in the course of the story, sometimes holds her own with a baby in her arms and in a wheelchair, easily asserting herself against a bunch of dark, brightly-eyed androids.

When, 30 years after Sarah Connor played by Linda Hamilton, who also fought machines for the life of her child in the most expensive film of its time “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, nothing better than works like “Mother / Android”, the future of cyborg films looks really dark.

A detailed review of “Mother / Android” by Ronny Rüsch and Axel Max – now in a new episode of the ntv podcast “Oscars & Raspberries”. Also included: the series drama “Yellowjackets”, “The Tender Bar”, the new directorial work by George Clooney and the Marvel film “Eternals”.

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