Fury for Lali Esposito in her shows: the hilarious comments of her fans from the front rows

Fanaticism for an artist can lead to saying and doing anything. In this case, the fans of Lali Esposito They have surprised TikTok users after their hilarious sayings on the singer’s “Discipline Tour” went viral.

In several videos you can hear the young women screaming and trying to get Lali’s attention, as well as commenting on the artist’s impressive movements and her hypnotic beauty on stage.

Lali in the “Discipline Tour”

Will they be able to?”, “What a daughter of p….”, “What a piece of lesbian”, “We die girls, we die”, “Lali look at my glitter, I put on glitter!”, “How?”, ” All”,”Troll… what are you, I love you”,”Piece of crazy“Among many more screams, which the singer did not hear but was immortalized in the shared images.

What did go viral about the singer herself were the videos of how his house looked after a party he held at his house.

The screams of the fans to Lali Esposito: the viral video

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