Furious Jens Rohde overfuses journalist during radio interview: ‘Haven’t you screwed up your brain properly or what?’

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»Haven’t you screwed up your brain properly or what? What are you trying to insinuate here? It’s completely good night, what you’re trying here. “

This is what the group chairman and political spokesman for the Christian Democrats, Jens Rohde, said on Thursday, when he participated in an interview with Radio LOUD for the program ‘Z For Zamani’.

It otherwise started quite quietly when the politician and journalist had to talk about Poland’s abortion ban and about how Denmark can help.

Jens Rohde says that he would like to help, but he does not think that it should be financed by Danish taxpayers. He points out that the Poles are welcome to come to Denmark and have an abortion, but that they must pay for it themselves.

The interview then continues for a few minutes, but escalates in earnest when Jens Rohde states that the Christian Democrats will not help Polish women financially to have an abortion, but that they are welcome if they pay themselves. The journalist replies that this opportunity exists for all EU citizens.

And then it becomes too much for Jens Rohde, who asks if the journalist’s brain is properly turned on. It goes completely wrong when the journalist brings the Unity List to the field, which the journalist believes has a proposal for the financing of abortion for Polish women in Denmark.

»Well, you have such sympathies for the Unity List? You know what, then do your research, I want you to drop this interview, I do not bother to be with at all. I do not want to touch your Radio LOUD at all. Forget it. I would like to withdraw each and every word in this interview. You are tendentious, you come up with your personal position, and I can not use it for shit. You know what, you just have to drop this interview, and you have to do it right away, “says Jens Rohde.

He points out several times that he does not want to be with or have anything to do with Radio LOUD. According to him, he received a text message stating that it was the medium ‘The Independent’, and not Radio LOUD, who would interview him.

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However, after the feature, this was rejected by the program’s host, Nima Zamani.

The interview ends with Jens Rohde saying that he will address the journalist’s editor if the interview is not dropped, and then a less loving invitation.

“You know what, go back to the School of Journalism, and then stop doing your attitude-driven interviews,” he says.

However, the interview has nevertheless been brought and Jens Rohde has been informed of this, Radio LOUD informs.

Jens Rohde denies that he has approved that Radio LOUD brings the interview.

“I wrote afterwards to Nima that I did not want to be part of their broadcast at all, and then they wrote that they insisted on using it, and I can do nothing about that.”

It’s not because he’s upset that he does not want to be part of the program.

He believes that the journalist claims that Jens Rohde and the Christian Democrats’ policy is a free ride.

“My policy is not a free ride, and it never has been. But if he means it, then he can ask me about it. “

Jens Rohde also believes that he is doing research for an open microphone, even though Jens Rohde has already before the interview in a message told the program’s host, Nima Zamani, what the party’s position in the field is.

‘I just looked tired of such unprofessionalism. You spend your time on it, and then you just have to be an extra in something that is basically about a straw man, namely to draw a picture of, no matter what I say, that I and my party are against free abortion, and that is we not.”

He fully acknowledges that he went mad, and he does not regret it.

“You do it once in a while. Then you get enough of unprofessionalism. We politicians are also human beings. “

He also says that he was genuinely surprised that it was Radio LOUD he had to talk to.

»Nima writes to me, and it has always been The Independent, and then I get taken to bed when he calls and says that it is Radio LOUD. I agree with it, but I’m already a little annoyed that I have to spend my time on a radio that has no listeners. “

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