Furious, Chris Hemsworth on Dr. Dementus: "He is an evil and complicated character"

Chris Hemsworth described Dr. Dementus during a Vanity Fair interview, revealing that his character is “complicated and evil.”

Chris Hemsworth recently opened up about the role of the Dr. Dementus which the Australian actor will play in Furious, the highly anticipated prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. Hemsworth gave an interview published by Vanity Fair about his experience on the set.

I shot the new prequel to Fury Road, which is part of the Mad Max saga, with George Miller. I told my agent, ‘That’s where I want to spend my working hours, with someone who is kind, cooperative and interesting.“explained the Thor star.

Dr. Dementus? He is a very complicated individual, somewhat evil. The thing is, you don’t think you are, I mean from the beginning I’ve found a way to defend his actions, to empathize with him and understand him. That was my job. He has a dark side and a light side, characteristics I’ve never come to terms with before“, concluded the actor.

The synopsis for Furiosa reads: “As the world falls, the young Furiosa, who is in the Green Place of Many Mothers, is kidnapped and ends up in the hands of a group of bikers led by the warlord Dementus. As they hurtle through the wastelands, they come upon the Citadel led by Immortan Joe. As the two tyrants wage a war for domination, Furiosa must survive and find the means to return home.”

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