Funny: no season 2 for the Netflix series

The “Drôle” series was one of the French-speaking events of this first part of the year on Netflix. Both the public and the critics were enthusiastic about this fine proposal. Unfortunately, the story ends here because there will be no season 2.

Funny : a successful series

The original French creations of Netflix do not always live up to our expectations but, lately, we have taken a lot of pleasure in watching Funny. Created by Fanny Herrero, the show takes place in present-day Paris and focuses on an emerging scene in the world of stand-up. A universe whose backstage is unknown and which arouses some fantasies.

The plot focuses in particular on three figures. Firstly there is nose, a courier who dreams of quitting his job to devote himself entirely to humor. We discover it alongsideAissatoua rising comedian, and Bling, a more established personality but losing momentum. Thanks to these different profiles, we explore with fun behind the scenes of the stand-up microcosm. In addition to being very fair in its writing, the series also takes its charm from its actors. We especially love Younès Boucif, irresistible as Nezir.

Nezir (Younes Boucif) – Funny ©Netflix

The Funny Comedy Club is (already) closing its doors

Funny received good press and feedback on social media was positive. What let us think that a sequel was going to see the light of day. But unfortunately that will not be the case. As revealed Les Inrockuptibles, Netflix decided to stop the series at this point, while the writing of future episodes was underway. The news therefore comes quite unexpectedly and it is motivated by hearings that have not been satisfactory.

This criterion is very important for the platform and it does not want to invest money in securities that have not sufficiently proven themselves. This position is all the more understandable since the firm has recently lost a record number of subscribers. During the first quarter of 2022, these are 200,000 subscribers who have decided to jump ship. Add to that the disappearance of Russian subscribers because the service was cut in their country following the conflict with Ukraine. Netflix still maintains its first place in the SVOD market but prefers to play the card of caution.

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