Funkeiro Dornelles goes viral after raffling sex night to promote new song

the funkeiro carioca dornelles went viral last Friday (11/18) and entered the list of the most commented subjects on Twitter after drawing a night of sex with him to promote the release of kama sutra remixhis new work song.

On the social network, he shared a link that leads to a registration form with the campaign “a fan for Dornelles to eat”. To participate, you must be over 18 years old and reside in Rio de Janeiro.

“Raffle from a fan for me to eat. VALENDO”, he posted on Twitter.

Upon seeing the post, some fans were incredulous: “Is this real?” asked a follower. “Yes,” replied the funkeiro. “My deeeeus I’m signing up! Is there still time?”, wanted to know the drag queen Ravena Creole. “Subscribing even though I’m not from Rio, and whatever God wants”, posted a fan.

Dornelles said that the form already has more than two thousand people registered.

Criticized for the unusual action, Dornelles expressed himself on the platform:

“I sell sweets on the street to pay for my clip, and nobody says anything, I go to the artist’s door to sing and show my work, nobody says anything, I draw a shirt for the clip, nobody says anything. I draw a fan to eat and all the gossip pages talk and spread it. Hypocrisy,” he posted.

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