Funeral of Igor Bogdanoff: his companion Julie Jardon deposited personal effects in the coffin

Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanoff shared seven years of life together, marked by a few chaotic episodes which notably involved justice. Very marked by the death of her companion, which occurred on January 3, 2022 – six days after that of her twin Grichka -, the young woman unveiled a poignant tribute text to Gala. She also gave some confidences to our colleagues.

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Present at the Church of the Madeleine, on the arm of Francis Lalanne, for the funeral of Igor and Grichka, Julie Jardon (27 years old) took advantage of this touching ceremony to place some memories in the coffin of Igor (72 years old). of their life together. “At the funeral, I placed photos in the coffin. Leave a trace of what we’ve been to each other … for seven years“she said to Gala. Devastated, the young neuroscientist and ex-model recognizes that for her “it’s hard“for now, and will take time to mourn.”I lost my bearings, I dread the next day (…) I spend sleepless nights. I think about all those moments, all those breakfasts that I will have without him. The future scares me a little“, she adds.

Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanoff – who was the father of six children and had divorced his wife Amélie de Bourbon-Parme -, had met in 2015. Despite their great age difference and the very particular physique of the late scientist and man of television, the young woman was quickly seduced by her atypical personality. “Igor expressed himself well, he was very cultured and I was impressionable. In 7 years, I have never raised the question of his appearance. It belonged to him. And if my mother thought it was too complicated a relationship because of our age difference, we tried to ignore it. With Igor, we often thought that if we had been the same age, we would have built a life together“, she swears.

The Bogdanoff brothers will be buried on Wednesday January 12, 2022 in Saint-Lary, in the Gers, on family land. It was here that they owned a castle in which their half-brother, the discreet François Davant, still lives today.

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