Funeral in Manhattan: Donald Trump pays last respects to ex-wife Ivana

Burial in Manhattan
Donald Trump pays last respects to ex-wife Ivana

Ivana Trump has been buried in Manhattan. Among other things, her first husband, former US President Donald Trump, pays her last respects. The three children from this marriage hold the funeral speeches, but the ex-head of state does not.

Family members and friends paid their last respects to Ivana Trump, ex-wife of former US President Donald Trump, who died last week at the age of 73. Donald Trump and his third wife Melania, as well as Donald and Ivana Trump’s three children, Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka, and their partners and children, all dressed in dark, gathered at a funeral home on Upper East in New York Side, as photos showed.

Ivana Trump’s three children and Dennis Basso, a fashion designer and longtime friend of the deceased, gave the eulogies, according to TV channel CNN. Former first lady Melania Trump also attended the ceremony.

From there, the coffin containing Ivana Trump’s body was taken to a church just a few blocks away, where numerous friends and acquaintances attended the funeral service. Both places had already been cordoned off by the New York police in the morning, numerous journalists and onlookers crowded the barriers in the sunshine and very high temperatures.

Falling down the stairs suspected to be the cause of death

Ivana Trump died last week in her house, also on the Upper East Side in Manhattan near Central Park – according to the forensic medicine as a result of an accident. According to media reports, she fell down a flight of stairs.

Born in what is now the Czech Republic, Ivana Trump had worked as an athlete, businesswoman and model, among other things, and was married to Donald Trump between 1977 and 1992. The two divorced after the ex-president had an affair with Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife and mother of their daughter Tiffany. When the couple finally split, Ivana Trump received $14 million, among other things. She married and divorced two more times while continuing to live a jet-set lifestyle and travel the world.

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