Funeral David Sassoli, the touching greeting of his wife: “It’s too early for the many things we still had to say” – Video

“We looked for each other and found each other at school, we walked together until today and in this time we have always shared you with others”. Like this Alessandra Vittorini, wife of David Sassoli, greeted her husband during the state funeral at the basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri in Rome. “Two weeks ago you already understood everything, while we hoped for the impossible”, she said in her memory as the wife of the President of the European Parliament, also recalling a sentence said by Sassoli just before leaving, “I had a beautiful life, definitely very beautiful, even if a little complicated, and finishing it at 65 is really too early “. “It is too early, for the many things we still had to say to each other, to design the future we imagined for the two of us and our boys. We will tell you those things again, we will think about the projects and imagine the future ”, concluded Vittorini.

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