Full stop! João Félix “breaks silence” about Margarida Corceiro and “shuts up” doubts about dating

João Félix and Margarida Corceiro lived the last (long) months under the “crossfire” of the “pink” press, which were reporting problems in the relationship between the footballer and the actress.

Without commenting or fueling the controversies, the couple has remained silent despite the fact that the news about the “trembling” relationship has emerged in a torrent throughout the year that ended yesterday, and which had a “high point” when Margarida Corceiro was involved in a controversy with Sporting player Pedro Porro.

The Atlético de Madrid star, always very discreet when it comes to exposing the relationship on social networks, took advantage of the end of the year to put an end to doubts about whether the couple was (or not) together.

Without saying a word, João Félix “broke the silence” by sharing a record with the most of all this New Year’s Eve, which was spent among friends and family in Madrid, thus showing that the relationship is “stone and lime”.

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