Full box for "HPI"Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou formalize a season 3!

The “HPI” series, worn by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou, has made a comeback on the small screen. Fans of the program have responded to the launch of this season 2. Great relief for the actors, who have just formalized a season 3!

HPI : the launch of season 2 crushes the competition!

Morgane Alvaro was back on TF1, Thursday May 12 in HPI and as usual the red tornado, interpreted by Audrey Fleurot, was a hit! Indeed, the first two episodes of this long-awaited season 2 crushed the competition. I have to say that season 1 of the detective series had already exploded the audienceswith 11.5 million fans on average for each episode, replay included.

Once again the fans of the program have responded, since the launch of this season 2 on TF1 brought together 8.54 million viewers on average according to Mediametrie. A wild success, to which is added a market share of 42.7% on the whole public. Opposite, the competition accuses the blow. M6 was able to count on 1.3 million curious people in front Dead Poolwhile France 2 attracted 1.25 million viewers with Correspondent. This success can only reassure the authors and scriptwriters of HPI who are already writing the 3rd season!

Season 3 of HPI is official!

Season 3 of HPI is well and truly in the pipeline and Audrey Fleurot is not ready to give up this role that she loves so much. Mehdi Nebbou, Commander Karadec’s interpreter, with whom we were able to discuss, told us more about this:

Season 3 is being written, that’s for sure! It takes so much time for the authors to develop a series like that and to renew themselves and to be inventive, that they are already in the starting blocks.

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It’s on the microphone France Infowhich the star of the program, Audrey Fleurot, also official this season 3. Just like her character, she expressed herself without tweezers, thus revealing good news for fans of the series:

There will be a season 3 of HPI. I have absolutely no idea if I have the right to say that. I haven’t been briefed at all, but I’m telling you.

Audrey Fleurot admits to having some fears…

During this interview, the actress also made by his fears about the future of the series and its colorful characters:

I don’t want to let go of Morgane’s character. Afterwards, as for all the series that I have been able to do, I am afraid of doing the season too much. I want to embody it as long as we manage to raise the sliders each time, to renew the form. So that I can have fun. Then, I’m afraid we’ll get tired of it and it will get annoying.

Seen the enthusiasm of viewersthere is no doubt about their desire to continue following the crazy adventures of Alvaro!

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