"fugitive": they reveal the reason for the departure of one of the main actresses

Fugitive-When-the-Turkish-novel-ends-20220721-0014.html” target=”_blank”>“Fugitive” is nearing its end on the Telefe screen but his viewers closely follow everything related to the Turkish novel. After the success of “Doctor Miracle”the signal opted for different projects from Turkey and most of them were well received by the public, especially the strip starring Irem Helvacıoğlu Y Ulas Tuna Astepe.

As usual, different characters become relevant just as others lose it. So it happened with berrakwho was played by the actress İlayda Cevikwho had his unexpected departure from fiction after appearing at the center of the love story in the series.

It should be remembered that the woman appeared in “Fugitive” thanks to the wicked vedatwho used her to be a spy inside the family of Nefes and Tahir. Despite this, she was finally able to clarify her situation and approached the leading lady, although it was not enough to stay on the set of the Turkish production.

Through a letter, he said goodbye to his friends in the novel after having found his mother, which appeared as his main objective within “Fugitive”. In this way, the actress who played berrak It was removed and the production confirmed that it will not return, especially since other characters and plots gained greater strength in the scripts.

Berrak’s character came out of “Fugitive.”

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