"fugitive": the protagonist of the Turkish novel admitted that she put botox

Fugitive-Zuleyha-and-Hercai-are-established-among-the-most-seen-20220729-0020.html” target=”_blank”>“Fugitive” is one of the most watched novels of the moment. Such is the impact of the captivating story, that viewers begin to learn about the personal lives of the actors. In this case, Irem Helvacıoğlu, the protagonist, admitted that aesthetic touches were made.

Fugitive-had-a-cosmetic-surgery-and-impact-with-her-new-look-the-photo-20220803-0028.html” target=”_blank”>New images of the actress had already emerged after her nose operation. However, in an interview he gave for an English medium, He said that he got botox to avoid the lines of expression that he had on his forehead.

“I have naturally plump lips, aesthetically they are like that; like my chin, it’s pointed and marked forever. But since expression lines were appearing on my forehead, I filled them with botox.said Irem Helvacıoğlu, the protagonist of “Fugitive”.

Likewise, the artist was shown enjoying her vacations on the coasts of Turkey and Greece on a private yacht. After the long days of filming that she had, she decided to take a well-deserved break.

Irem Helvacıoğlu on vacation along the coasts of Turkey and Greece.

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