Frustrated fans: Mark Forster is postponing his big tour

Bad news for all Mark Forster fans! The singer enjoys great popularity in Germany and thanks to songs like “Choirs” it’s hard to imagine radio without him. The 39-year-old is also a welcome guest on TV, for example on The Voice of Germany. He actually wanted to start his XXL tour across Europe next year – but Mark has now postponed it by a whole year.

It was actually supposed to start in February 2023 – but that’s getting to be too much for Mark, as he says on Instagram communicated. This year he and his band have played more concerts than ever before, now a break is simply necessary. “The work on it should start now. Think about the show, devise a stage and of course rehearse. But when I listen to myself, I need something else right now.”, confessed the musician. He would rather work on new music and projects that have started: “Do stuff, not really vacation, but free stuff.”

For the most part, fans were upset about the postponement. “Other artists would be happy if they could play. Some don’t seem to need it that much,” said one user. “2023 will then be postponed to 2025. Sorry, understanding is very limited.”, agreed another. The fact that the cancellation only occurs after the ticket sale, the tour is postponed by a whole year and Mark did not consider this stress beforehand, is quite frustrating for his supporters.

Mark Forster in March 2022 in Berlin

Frank Zeising / Future Image

Mark Forster, musician
Mark Forster in September 2022 in Berlin

Can you understand the frustration of the fans?

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