“From Venice to Rome to defend freedom”: Puzzer’s no vax march with the former magistrate. The docker: “Djokovic and I, same ideals”

Who knows if it will end as in Forrest Gump, with half of America following – on foot or on television – the march of Tom Hanks. The intention of the walkers, in this case, is to go by Venezia a Roma gathering along the way anyone who wants to accompany them in what they called “The march of liberties“. The identity of the promoters is enough to understand that it is one initiative no vax. Stefano Puzzer he is in fact the former spokesman for the port of Trieste, who last autumn coordinated the first demonstrations to ask for the abolition of the mandatory green pass to access the workplace. Paolo Sceusa it’s a former magistrate (he finished his career as president of the Trieste Juvenile Court) and law scholar. “We left Venice on January 6th because this is the most important city in the Northeast and among the most important in the world. We started from Piazzale Roma because it is in Rome that we want to go and we took the first steps on the Liberty Bridge, the freedom we want to defend ”, he says. But the first steps caused the first headaches. Since there were a few hundred people present, here is a signal of unauthorized event, to which the promoters reply that it is a simple walk.

In any case, the intent is to support the theses of those who oppose vaccination restrictions. On his Facebook page, Puzzer posted a photomontage that sees him portrayed next to the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, blocked upon entering Australia for the Australian Open because he was not vaccinated. “Djoko and I are one, we have the same ideals. Despite the economic differences, the heart is of equal size. This march is a way to get involved and ask for the respect of constitutional principles ”. He cites famous phrases, such as that of Thucydides who wrote in 430 BC: “The plague destroyed Athens, not the fear of the plague”. Or he wishes the world: “Three things are left of heaven: the stars, freedom and children. Look at the stars, caress your children and fight for freedom“. Sceusa instead launches an appeal: “Everyone can follow us, from any point along the way, but they must take care of food e accommodation because this is not an organized tour. The idea of ​​getting up from the sofa and starting to walk was liked by many people and the latest obligations imposed by the government only add motivation to the march ”.

The first stage covered the route VeneziaDolo, the second (January 7) that from Dolo a Padova. The journey will continue along the Brenta cycle route, with the aim of reaching Verona, Mantua, Modena and Bologna. Before arriving in Padua, Sceusa wrote on Telegram: “A blockade of the police forces has effectively determined the separation between me and other marches. I find this a very positive thing. So everyone (law enforcement and marching) will understand that those who march do it individually and, if aggregations are generated between marches, it will be understood that separating them will do nothing but multiply the stumps infinitely“. In fact, between Noventa Padovana and the industrial area of ​​Padua, the police created a cordon of agents, which caused the procession to become thinner. In Prato della Valle, the main square of the Euganean city, only about twenty people arrived.

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