From the jokes between Renzi and La Russa to the frost of Maria Stella Gelmini: the best (and worst) of the day in the Senate

Convulsive day a Madama Palace, between cross attacks and tears decided in the Chamber, on the day in which the Draghi government, while gaining trust with just 95 yes, actually reaches its terminus. From the attacks of Matteo Renzi against the M5s, the Pd and the moderates of the center right, passing through the choice of Forza Italia and Lega to come out of the Chamber, challenged by the blue minister Maria Stella Gelmini (who decided to leave Berlusconi’s party in controversy), visibly irritated during the explanations of vote. Until the decision of the M5s to abstain, announced by the group leader Mariolina Castellone: “Let’s remove the disturbance, we will continue to fight in Parliament, we do not participate in the vote on this resolution”, he attacked, with the Prime Minister grim-faced. Same expression of the minister for relations with the Parliament, the pentastellato Federico d’Incà, who had lined up in recent days in order not to leave the executive. The ministers Patuanelli and Dadone have not returned to the executive desks. There was also the disappointment of those who, within the majority forces, had lined up to continue the experience. Nor were they lacking during the explanations of vote the councils in the Chamberincluding those among the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and Matteo Renziwhile the chill was evident among the PD benches at the announcement of the center-right group leaders and above all of the M5s that they did not want to renew confidence.


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