From Record to life! Sabrina Sato and Marcos Mion will ‘double’ on Globo. Understand!

Sabrina Sato was one of Globo’s great acquisitions in 2022 and was received at the house with the air of a star, with a special interview on “Fantástico”. Although she already receives a six-figure salary, the presenter is still restricted to GNT, the company’s closed channel. However, the expectation is that the broadcaster will use the communicator for open TV starting next year.

According to columnist Alessandro Lo Bianco, from “A Tarde é Sua”, the top management of TV Globo held the first meetings to deal with the station’s programming in 2023 and the name of Sabrina Sato was mentioned. The initial idea is for the presenter to win a program on Saturday afternoons.

Also according to the columnist, Sabrina must do a one-two with Marcos Mion and get on the air before “Caldeirão”. The program can occupy a considerable part of the schedule, with about 90 minutes, and should bring a mixture of game show with interviews and travel.



As long as it is not scaled for open TV, Sabrina enjoys ample space in the GNT programming. The presenter is on the air with two attractions simultaneously. The first of these is “Saia Justa”, a traditional women’s debate program on the station.

Last week, she debuted “Detach if You Can”. In the reality show, Sabrina helps, with the help of an architect and a specialist in organization, families whose lives have been damaged by the accumulation of objects. This month, GNT also exhibited “Carnaval da Sabrina”, with preparations for the Rainha de battery marathon.

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