From “Natacha”, “Under the skin” to “In the background there is room”: Diego Bertie and the soap operas, movies and series that marked his career

The life of Diego Bertie he died at the age of 54 but the trail of his artistic work has remained latent for decades. The Peruvian actor and singer, who He died in the early hours of Friday, August 5.after a fall from the 14th floor where he lived in Miraflores, has been loved and admired by several generations who saw him shine in the movies and TV.

Their sudden departure has left a deep sadness in his public and his closest friends. Cesar Sanchezhis manager, told the press that the artist was eager to continue relaunching her singing careerwith presentations and other productions.

Bertie began his career in musicwith the group “Images”, which left topics like “new faces” Y “The good times”. Although she had intermittent moments as a singer, she was always composing and singing along with her life in the performance.

Examples are “how difficult it is to love”, “days of fury”, “Lullaby” and “Natasha”, the famous theme he composed for one of the novels that marked his career. Here we review the soap operas, movies and series in which he stood out as the great actor he was.

Diego Bertie posing in one of the seats at the Marsano Theater (GEC Photo Archive)



Diego Bertie achieved fame by playing Pedro in the version of “Natasha” of 1990. The Peruvian actor showed that he was up to the challenge, together with one of the great stars of the moment, the actress Maricarmen Regueiro, who gave life to the protagonist. This is one of the most remembered roles of the also singer, who illuminated the amorous tribulations of Natasha and RaulPaul Martin’s character.


While, in 1995, Bertie confirmed his talent before the cameras with the telenovela “Canela”where he had as companions astrid gruber, Javier Valdes, Kathy Serrano, Marco Zunino and the first actors Delfina Paredes and Alejandro Anderson. In this love story, written by Joseph WatanabeRocío Silva Santisteban and Rosa Málaga, the artist gave life to Adrián, the young man who falls in love with Azucena and seeks to be happy with her.


A year later, in 1996, Diego Bertie played the irreverent Leonardo Ratto in “Obsesión”, a soap opera director who does nothing but have adventures with other women, despite having a fiancée whom he claims to love. His situation gets complicated when his partner leaves him upon learning of his infidelity with one of his new stars. The novel, produced by Luis Llosa, featured a cast made up of Daniela Sarfati, Christian Meier and Gianella Neyrawith whom he was in “Lovers of the Full Moon”.

“The ex”

Bertie not only became loved in Peru, but also worked in foreign productions. One of them was “La ex”, a Colombian telenovela by Felipe Salamanca and Perla Ramírez, in which she played the serious businessman Sergio Estévez. Here he shared roles with Ruddy Rodriguez, Mijail Mulkay and Angela Vergara. The production had 159 chapters between 2006 and 2007.

“There is room in the background”

One of the last series in which Diego Bertie was seen was “There is room in the background”, the successful creation of Efrain Aguilar which has had a new season in 2022. In this television production he brought to life Serge Estrada, one of the antagonists in the story who seeks revenge on the Maldini for the death of Claudia Llanos. Diego was part of the cast between 2015 and 2016. Later, he was in the Peruvian series “Luke’s return” Y “back to the neighborhood”, with the characters of Honorio Cárdenas and Luis Felipe Sandoval, respectively.

“Without compassion”

Bertie also had a prolific career in film. and one of the first in which he participated was “Without compassion”, the 1994 film directed by Francisco Lombardi. The actor gave life to Ramon Romano in a story that adapted the novel “Crime and Punishment” from Fiódor Dostoyevski to the Lima of the 90s. For many, it is one of Diego’s best works as an actor. The film was screened at the Cannes Festival and received various awards in France, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Spain, among others.

“Under the skin”

Another of Diego Bertie’s iconic roles in the cinema was Gino Leyva in “Under the skin”, Francisco Lombardi’s 1996 film. In this story, the actor shared roles with Gianfranco Brero, José Luis Ruiz Barahona and Ana Ruiseño. The film reached the San Sebastian Festival and the Goya Awards. According to actor and theater director David Carrillo, the scene of the resolution of Bertie’s character is one of the most successful in Peruvian cinema.


After the news of the death of the death of diego bertiethe culture Ministry dedicated a few words to fire the Peruvian actor. Many followers of the singer also asked that he be veiled at the institution’s premises in San Borgia.

“We deeply regret the death of actor and singer Diego Bertie, recognized for his work in film, television and theater. From the Ministry of Culture we express our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends ”, the institution wrote on its Twitter account.

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