From living on the streets to stardom: a skateboarder’s account of how this sport saved his life

Darren Harper is a skateboarder from Washington DC (United States). His name is being widely commented on in social networks after it became known that the sport that he loves so much changed his life completely. In this note you will be able to know its history.

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According to the information provided by ABC 7 News – WJLA, the man maintained that as a child he lived in poverty. “It was difficult, my mother was drugged and many things happened that kept her brow furrowed because she had nothing to smile about”, he specified.

Darren found his first skateboard at age 8 in a southeastern neighborhood. When he wore it at the Freedom Plaza, he felt free from everything that happened in his life. “When I got here, they were all different races. Everyone was here having fun. “, he remembered. “I would leave the neighborhood with my mask on and when I got here, I could take it off”added.

The sport helped him a lot. Now he is an inspiration to other people. “It came at a crazy time, I was knee deep in the streets going the wrong way”Harper said. “Skate saved my life”, he asserted.


He is still skating and knows that he is getting old. His dream is to reach the Olympics. “I’ll do this (skate) until I’m old and gray, but it’s more about getting my story out, mentoring the young. That has always been in my blood to give back “, he stressed. You constantly post to your account Instagram (@darren_harper), where he shows his talent with skateboarding and teaches his daughters Tink and Demi to practice the sport.

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