From hair to makeup, these are six SPFW beauty bets for Summer 2023

Ready to find out what’s hot in makeup and hair in the 2023 summer season? The São Paulo Fashion Week shows started this week and have proven that the beauty trends for the next season will be light and very fresh.

Find out below what are the possibilities for lips, eyebrow, hair and eyes that dominated the fashion event runways and are easily replicated at home!

1 – Brushed eyebrows: soap brows effect

Literally translated from English as soap brows mean soap eyebrows: with this homemade technique, they are combed upwards and give that look up because of the creepier effect.

It guarantees a more natural look and can be done in different ways: with an eyebrow brush and glycerin soapwith colorless eyelash mask or one own eyebrow gel🇧🇷

2 – Hair gains freshness with wet hair

Adaptable to different hair textures, the wet look on the strands carries an uncomplicated and practical touch that matches hot days.

This look also wins for its versatility, as it is possible to create more sophisticated versions, when done well aligned, or more messy, without so much concern with the arrangement of the wires. To do this, it’s important to have damp hair – not super wet – and have a gel or pomade at home.

3 – Summer 2023 will have a lot of color in eye makeup

From what we saw on the SPFW catwalks, the vibrant palette will invade the eyes: red, orange, green, blue and pink appeared in well-lit nuances in shadows and outlines.

And you can have fun mixing these tones: combine a green matte eyeshadow with a pink eyeliner, mix different variations of orange in the inner and outer corners of the eyelids…

4 – Glossy lips: transparent or colored, they prove their strength

The Y2K aesthetic will continue to make waves in the makeup in 2023 and the glossy lips that appeared in SPFW prove it. Those who prefer a more natural look, for example, can apply just a colorless version or outline the lips with a brown pencil, blend them and finish with a gloss.

5 – Volume in the wires

Valuing the hair’s natural volume is another sure tip coming from the catwalks of São Paulo’s fashion week with loose strands and hairstyles.

To incorporate this look into your beauty routine, just adapt a few hair care tricks, such as applying a mousse before blow-drying and blow-drying your hair upside down, which makes the hairline look higher and, so it gains volume.

6 – Pink blush: how to use it for a natural make-up?

O pink blush it’s the ideal request to reproduce that sun-colored effect in the summer. In SPFW fashion shows, this nuance stood out against earthy or darker tones.

To get that “I came straight from the beach” look, the tip is to remove the excess powder before spreading the product on the face and giving priority to the parts where the sun hits the most: the top of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the chin.

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