From “Eternals”: Deleted Marvel Scene shows who really wiped out the “Dinosaurs”

Marvel Studios released a deleted “Eternals” scene, which is about the extermination of the dinosaurs, which is probably responsible for a character from the film.

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Indeed the expectations were up „Eternals“ not exactly low, because after all, numerous stars played in the Marvel film and Oscar winner Chloé Zhao acted as the director for the promising comic film. Still, the 27th movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) didn’t go over very well. If you look at the critics’ mirror Rotten Tomatoes looks, “Eternals” is currently being traded as the worst Marvel film.

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If you haven’t seen the star-studded comic book adaptation and want to get an impression of yourself, you can do so now on Disney +, because the Marvel flick is now available to you. In the wake of this, Marvel Studios also released a scene that didn’t make it into the movie. There we see Sprite (Lia McHugh) and Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington) talking in a museum and revealing some interesting facts about the history of the Eternals. Here you can watch the said scene first of all:

Sersi is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs

At the beginning of the conversation, Whitman says that Sersi (Gemma Chan) cannot be found because she is giving a lecture on “the importance of predators in the ecosystem”. Sprite finds this rather ironic, because according to the Eternal, it was Sersi himself who wiped out an entire species of dangerous predators: the Deviants. Sprite points to a skull of a supposed dinosaur, which, according to the superhero, was actually a deviant.

To understand: The Deviants were sent to earth hundreds of years ago by the Celestials, an ancient divine race. To enable intelligent life, the monstrous aliens should take care of the resident dangerous predators. However, the Deviants have evolved among themselves and have become summit robbers themselves.

Ultimately, the Eternals were then sent by the Celestials to wipe out the evolved alien form of the predators. As we learn in the scene, Sersi was an important part in the fight against these “dinosaurs”. Finally, it is also revealed that Sprite has a special relationship with Sersi. This scene ends shortly before an exciting event. The trailer already revealed that the Deviants are coming back after all these years. If you want to know how the battle between the predators and the Eternals ends, you can now watch “Eternals” conveniently in the stream.

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