From crochet to cutouts, find out what’s going to be popular in summer 2023 bikinis and swimsuits according to SPFW

Have you started thinking about what yours will be? bikinis and swimsuits for summer 2023🇧🇷 Responsible for bringing together fashion and beauty trends, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week pointed out some sure bets on beach fashion.

Different fashion shows by national brands proved that next season’s beachwear will be colourful, daring and full of personality. Want to know more?

1 – Vintage prints multiply on the catwalk

The strength of the psychedelic print – sometimes more organic, sometimes more geometric – appeared in Triya’s fashion show. Coming directly from the 70s, it appeared in intense tones that made reference to the stones of the Chapada: rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, crystal.

O super vibrant floral also stood out in the parade. Elements of nature in bright colors were well contrasted with black background swimsuits and bikinis.

2 – Sleeves gain space in beachwear

Have you ever thought of using bikinis and swimsuits with sleeves🇧🇷 At first, this possibility sounds a little unusual – after all, in Brazil the most successful pieces are those capable of leaving a little sun mark -, but it should be present in 2023.

Triya, Lenny Niemeyer and Ateliê Mão de Mãe starred in some of the looks with pieces with covered arms and even gloves.

3 – Cutouts multiply in bikinis and swimsuits

O cut out is another hit for Summer 2023 according to the SPFW runway: swimsuits and bikinis with cutouts in different regions appeared intensely there. For those who are going to bet on this trend, it is important to remember: do not reinforce the sunscreen to avoid unwanted marks!

4 – Crochet rescues the handmade mood

O crochet it is a classic for the summer season, whatever the year, and it will resume this position in 2023. At SPFW, this technique capable of giving a more boho mood to the look appeared in vibrant and metallic tones.

5 – Fringes guarantee movement to the looks

Although they were initially associated with the more urban looks with a country air, fringes arrived in beach fashion. They add movement to the look and can appear in different materials and lengths.

At São Paulo fashion week, they appeared sometimes shorter and made with beads, sometimes made with the fabric of the swimsuit or bikini, giving more style to the monochrome beach look.

6 – Volume makes beachwear looks cooler

Beachwear 2023 will be maximalist in terms of volume: ruffles, draping and puff sleeves were elements that proved this in different pieces that passed through SPFW.

Playing with volume in beachwear is a sure-fire fashion trick to enhance or disguise any part of the body. For example, if you want to enhance your bust, invest in a bikini with ruffles in the area and choose more neutral panties. In the gallery, you can check out more than 20 photos to get inspired!

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